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Jan 4, 2017
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  • (This wiki is still under heavy construction)
    : February 12th 2015
    Founders: Dakirch & Danofthedeep

    A brief history of The Swarm.
    The Swarm and it's base members started off in a different outfit with a somewhat similar leadership. We had all joined the outfit in anticipation for the Planetside 2 Playstation 4 (PS2 PS4) Closed Beta. The original outfit lasted around 3-4 months at first things were going great, we were growing at a fast rate and it seemed everyone was having fun with planetside 2 and getting along with one another. The head of the original outfit wasn't all that fond of planetside 2 and usually turned up late or not at all for event nights, this started to hurt the outfit with members asking what was happening and why event's weren't being scheduled.

    We had other incidents as well with the outfit leader that lead to people just having enough and not playing anymore. So Dakirch and Danofthedeep decided it'd be better to break away from the original outfit and create their own. After about a day they pulled a few members in who could be trusted with helping out in preparation of the move to a new outfit. At this time Lostinthevoid was brought on as the #3 High Council to help lead the charge.

    The website was up and running in a few days and we had planned out a long email to send to the other members detailing why we had chosen to split and hoping others would join us in the new outfit. We had all put a lot of work into getting things ready for what we hoped would be a mass exodus of members from the old outfit to our new outfit. The Emails were sent out to every member by lunch. It only took a few hours for the majority of people to jump ship over to the new outfit. By late afternoon pretty much everyone had moved over.

    It didn't take long for us to start growing either. Within a few weeks we had gained a good 20 or so new members and the forums were becoming very active. Squad leaders were implemented not long after bringing in a better command structure for planetside 2.

    Not long after we bolstered our numbers with a very talented coder called Fuzzy. He and Dan both worked on bringing stats for planetside 2 to The Swarm. It resulted in being created which was a fantastic resource not just for us but for the whole Planetside 2 PS4 Community. It introduced many firsts for PS2 on PS4 and some of the top outfits came to The Swarm for help with such.

    We didn't stop there either after much discussion back and forth between community members and High Council The Swarm decided to begin support for Elder Scrolls Online on Playstation 4 (ESO PS4).

    Even before ESO’s launch we were gaining new members at an incredibly rate each day, anywhere from 10-20 new people a day. We hit 100 ESO members before the game launched and quickly went on to hover around 300-400 active members. The Swarm for ESO was one of the very few guilds that lasted as long as it did in-game with a very active community. Unfortunely ESO fizzled out and so did the support of the community for the game. While a few members still play ESO the massive community the game had is long gone.

    During August 2015 Dakirch worked hard and landed the first sponsors of The Swarm. Shortly after the merch store launched with great success. From there the vision and goal of The Swarm was produced. Play video games and have fun.

    However with very few games to play on Playstation 4 most thought The Swarm would fizzle out. However they had a very solid core of members who would show up to iRC and chat for hours everyday. We would wait for the next big game while playing a lot of other games. From Playstation 4 to PC we were playing a lot of things in small groups but still had
    interaction with eachother everyday.

    We all eagerly awaited the release of The Division and had a long wait until March 2016. The beta left many of us VERY excited only to be met with disappointment after release. We all crawled back into our holes and went back to hiding in our chat room. Waiting for that next big release. It did not take that long when EA / DICE announced Battlefield 1!

    With the launch of Battlefield 1 for Playstation 4 which all of us had been greatly anticipating we quickly brought on many new great core members and for many months ran multiple squads for a great part of the day, everyday.

    With the success of Battlefield 1 also came the re-launch of The Division. UBI quickly put out DLC such as Underground and Survival which made the game what it should of been since day 1. This gave members who were getting burnt out from Battlefield 1 something else to play.

    2016 ended up being a great year for The Swarm even though it may of started off a bit slow with horrible releases. We truly conquered Playstation 4 as a community and slowly spread our roots to PC with games such as Overwatch and even RUST. 2017 will be another great year. The Swarm is always planning great things and looking to evolve. So enjoy the ride and have fun!

    We have seen members join from all walks of life and from a myriad of different countries which opens up even more discussions and cool new experiences.

    A lot of us play many games outside Battlefield on both Playstation 4 and PC. Often you will see The Swarm members setting up game sessions in discord. You will see members playing The Division, Rocket League, Rust [PC], Overwatch and some other games during downtime. Our community is strong and we look to continue to build upon that. Red Dead Online? Yeah we will be there! We have a weekly podcast launching soon relating to the gaming industry. A senior producer of a E-Sports Podcast show will be apart of it.

    What is The Swarm's vision and goal? Well it is pretty simple. To have fun and do what it takes to win. We accept members that are casual and we accept members that are hardcore. But the goal never changes. Have fun and create a bigger family. The Swarm has taken their vision and held true to it. With new games arriving The Swarm looks to slowly expand and evolve becoming the greatest Playstation 4 and PC gaming communities!
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