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Get in this Conan Hype
Check the forum, Kirch just posted a awesome run down of our Conan server.
Anyone wanting to squad up in BF1? New to battlefield, but just want to play
Should of hopped on discord! Had a full party at 12 am est :)
Looking to squad up in bf1. I play for the win and have fun but I like my win streaks. Add me PSN: NoJumprr
Make sure to hop in discord and join the psn community!
Server had a short downtime due to unknown issue with our host. If it happens again, please visit our discord for more information.
Dude your customization on this profile look bizarre and make my eyes hurt.

Adding friend then bailing! *runs away*

Nic is a super swell guy and he puts out highly entertaining streams, be sure to check out his twitch.