What is the best and worst additions of DICE's most recent Patch

Discussion in 'General Swarm Fuckery' started by NMtoVA, Nov 18, 2016.

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    We all know that the latest update brought about many changes. Some of them good most of them bad in my opinion. Lets talk about the best and the worst.

    The Good:
    End of round loading screens load properly and quickly.
    Thats all I can think of lol

    The Bad:
    ahh where to begin.... Operations are now grossly overpowered for the attacking side.
    This wasn't listed in the patch notes but I swear to god the MP18 had its recoil increased.
    Support guns were already fine in terms of damage output but now they have been increased and are annoyingly overpowered.

    The Ugly:
    Added a quit button to the end of round loading screen but it doesn't work.
    DICE changed it so now normal battlepacks will not drop puzzle pieces. (can't confirm)
    Server options suck and they can't find any public match making if any settings are changed.

    I could go on and on but I want to leave things for other people to post what they are annoyed about (and what they like!)
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    They did fix a lot of bugs and things are a little more stable. They still need to make more progress but they addressed a lot of things
    They realized Operations need some help

    They went in the wrong direction with operations. Remove the flag cap speed. Balance some of the maps a bit more
    Server rentals are pretty barebones and lacks important features. There is no reason to rent a server right now besides having a custom title

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