What are the Operations you like in order from most to least? Give a brief description of why


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The Ops are:
Conquer Hell
Iron Walls
Oil of Empires

My preference is:
Iron Walls, Kaiserschlacht, conquer hell, and oil of empires.

Iron Walls: I love the idea of fighting uphill against a literal mountain and being forced to take 2 bunkers that are just killzones that give a glimpse of how storming the beach in WW2 must have been like.

Kaiserschalcht: By far the two most realistic maps I've ever played in a war game. The fact that almost every building becomes demolished throughout the Op just adds to the realism. The trenches are close quarters and nitty gritty and its scary to climb out of them or risk getting your head blown off.


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They are difficult to take even with a good coordinated team. Thats why the additional troops are fantastic in this op specifically because they benefit both sides. If you are attacking you have more chances to take the damn bunker and if you are defending you have to stay bogged down and hear the death and explosions above you for even longer and just pray to god that your defences hold just a little bit longer. Very realistic to what a real situation like that would be like....

Just imagine it. Trapped underground. No way out. The only thing standing between you and death are the people standing next to you. Ammo running low. Constant explosions and gunfire pouring out all around you. Bodies laying all around begging for a medic. Men scrambling back and forth carrying ammunition. And just wave after wave after wave of enemy bodies hurling themselves down those steps to almost certain death constantly testing your lines for the slightest break of weakness for what seems like an eternity....

The thrill of punching through the defences is amazing after the countless tickets lost and the tireless attempts to do it....

Likewise the overwhelming relief when you finally see the last man fall and the guns and explosions stop and all is quiet in the bunker because your lines have held and your ammo is not depleted and your squad has not been wiped....

Till you hear the sound of the Airship approaching....


Anything but oil of empires


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Kaiserschlacht because it's easy af to get 50 kills on Amiens
Conquer Hell. It is the most realistic, I believe. WWI was all about trench warfare and this map provides so many killzones and chokepoints to really show what these guys were up against. Add in the mortars from the Support option and it causes a lot of death.