Tues Jan 30th 2018 - State of the Union


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Tuesday Jan 30th 2018 Myself and @LostInTheVoid will be releasing our State of the Union SwarmLand Address. Some other guy is going release one about America too but ours is more important. We plan to discuss many things such as...

  • Brexit, lol
  • ed Dead Redemption 2 and Us. (Where is the fucking news by the way?)
  • Street Team, Monthly Prizes/Raffles and Getting Involved
  • Merch Launch
  • Forums and Discord. Discord Being Priority But Still Maintaining Forums and Promoting Posting
  • Advertising Plans and Launching Them
  • @MrBigMAC Pizza's in #food Make Me Want to Die
  • Triggering People in Discord
  • Some Sort of Rules for The Swarm / Discord. Kind Of?
  • Remember That Time @Shenaniganz26 Was Going Help Launch The Podcast?
  • Will The Swarm Also Add RDR2 PC After Its Launch? (Probably 2 Years After PS4 Launch)
  • Secret Santa Success. How 2018 is Shaping to be
  • Adding Mod's. Empty High Council Seat.
  • And More!

  • Dakirch / Void 2020