Titanfall 2, anyone play it?

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So I was at GameStop shopping this morning, an on an impulse buy picked up titanfall 2. I saw it got better ratings than the last and it was only like 30.00. Anyone play this or have thoughts?
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I haven't opened it yet, but I will, and if it's good we'll have to get something going
I'm thinking about picking it up tomorrow at some point. It's got pretty good reviews so got to be worth a shot
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How's the gameplay? I haven't played it yet, been busy this weekend


Heard its a pretty decent game but sadly didn't get good sales figures. It went up against BF1, CoD, and Watch Dogs which were clearly the favorites for this holiday season. $30 is a great deal tho.


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When EA announced both BF1 and Titanfall would be released at pretty much the same time, people thought it would hurt Titanfall.
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I still haven't had a chance to play it, been busy with a work course all week