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    When you look at companies like Kmart, Sears, Toys R Us to name a few you need to question yourself...why did they go out of business? They failed to adapt in an ever changing landscape.

    The days of forums for gaming communities are all but dead. Discord has really contributed to that not just for us but a lot of other websites. We have a very active discord but a pretty dead forum.

    The last month or so I have been trying to figure out how to adapt that but still keep the domain somewhat relevant. Discord is our driving force but the website is great for rosters and organization. I also need the dedicated server for my business so might as well keep taking advantage of that. But things like off topic forums really serve no more purpose.

    So the goal is to make theswarm.net more of a homepage and not a forum

    - Sign up -> New Member Applications -> Approved / Denied / Pending
    - Roster(s) for Games
    - News / Announcments
    - General Swarm Community Discussion
    - Merch Page
    - Promote Discord
    - Contests / Events

    When will I push the update? No idea. It will still be based off forums but everything you see now will be changed and it'll just be pretty basic. New memebers for games such as RDR2 will have to join the website and add themselves to the roster to be apart of The Swarm, and of course be active in discord. As always open to suggestions and comments.

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