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The Swarm Official Conan: Exiles [PC] Server Is Launching! (2/14/2017 Morning Sometime.) Myself and a few others have teamed up to bring a new flavor to The Swarm. Rules are below. We plan on advertising heavily on several websites.

You may also see some new discord channels. #conan-general, #conan-lfg and #conan-trade. Since we are a gaming community there will be several clans playing on our server, using our discord and forums for Conan: Exiles. In-game any alliance is called a clan. And the maximum size for a clan is 10 people. So this basically means some of the guys you knew for a long time here on TheSwarm.NET will be battling against eachother on the Conan: Exiles server.

With the slow growth of the server and influx of new people to our community they will obviously want to play other games too! Our discord server offers players the opportunity to take a quick break from Conan and play anything on Playstation 4, PC or other systems.

But who cares about that, lets talk about the server!

Direct Connect: steam://connect/

Server Name: wiped 2/14 2x XP for gather/craft
  • Server Size: 60 Players
  • Server Type: PvPvE
  • Clan Size: 10 Max
  • 2x Crafting Speed
  • 2x Crafting XP
  • 2x Gather XP
  • .75 Claim Radius
  • Vanilla Gather Rate
  • Vanilla Combat XP

  • No Planned Wipes at The Moment
  • Active Admins (Will post the names of those admins after launch so you can contact them)
  • No Admin Abuse (I'm not an admin of the server and neither is anyone that plays with us. So no admin abuse. However you can easily get a hold of the admin(s) if an event shall arise.)
  • No blocking of main thoroughfares or obvious foundation spamming to block areas larger than protecting your base

  • Server Events. This includes an arena that pops up at random times for players to run off too and battle it for a certain item(s).

Anyone who joins the server is not required to join our website or discord. However if you do and want your own voice channel feel free to drop us a line! I can easily set that up for you.

Once we get the server up Tuesday Feb 14th we will begin advertising and posting the source(s) so you can help us upvote it.

I will upvote this post with more info as time goes on.

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Just absolutely beautiful! Can't wait.