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What Game(s) Bring You To These Parts? Mainly RDRO, however I play all types of games and own a gaming PC as well.

What Future Game(s) Might You Be Interested In? I play pretty much everything in almost every genre. If the group is interested chances are I will be as well.

Did You Fill Out Your Contact Details? Yes

Did You Read Our Rules? Yes

What Is Your Age? 32

What Is Your Location? United States

Tell Us A Little About Yourself I have been looking for a group of people to game with for a bit now. Looking for a relaxed group that wants to have fun but can also take things seriously on the occasion it calls for it. I've been gaming my whole life and enjoy almost every type of game out there. I've been loving RDRO but it can be intimidating when you play solo.

How Did You Hear About Us? Through r/reddeadcrews