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It has been talked about a lot so lets start planning it!

Where: Clearwater, FL USA
When: August 2016 ?
How Long: Week? 5 Days?
What Airport to Fly Into: Tampa International (TIA). You wont need a rental car, I can easily pick you up.

We can rent a vacation home and just beach it everyday and drink a lot. Who is interested? I can surely chip in towards the rental. Flights are usually pretty cheap. We can change dates if needed.

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I would be all about this; finally putting faces to names would be great. However, this will be my first summer as a married man, and I typically have a family beach week sometime either July or August. I'll still keep an eye on this and let y'all know if I can work it out.


I should be down in Orlando for 3 weeks with my new job unless something changes so I should be able to drive over for at least a day trip one weekend.


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I'm down. Let's do a full on week. Rage like crazy. I could do anytime between July and the 3rd week in August before I have to go back to the schools to get ready for the new school year.


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As much as i would love to, i have never vacationed outside of Canada since being married, and if i was going to do it with out the wife she would be pissed, but i will watch the thread(s) as they go in case
Damn, last time Kirch and I hung out I got black out drunk and spent way too much money...good times. If things for me are settled down by August, I will definitely come visit again.