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The Swarm Secret Santa 2016 Confirmation

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So it's time to get down ladies and gentlemen. We've had a lot of interest in doing a Secret Santa so now it's time to get down to things. Now @danofthedeep made a neat suggestion of theming our gifts around our country / local area however some people might not want to do that so it'll be down to the person if they want to just gift something random or something themed.

Another thing is having a dollar limit on things, $20 seems like a reasonable price especially if you don't include postage / shipping prices and I feel you can get some pretty neat gifts for $20.

So down below is a spreadsheet if you put your name and username down then you'll be confirming you are down for being involved in this year's Secret Santa, once you've done that make sure to PM myself your address so I can get everyone's details and then I'll start telling people who they are buying for and where to send it.

Spreadsheet link

Tagging people who put their names down as a yes on the poll below:


One Final thing... IT'S CHRISTMAS!



Matt Schaefer
Around when are we actually sending the gifts? Trying to figure out if I should put my home address or college address


I have to start looking now for the best $20.00 dildo amazon has for one of you lucky fellows. I guess I'll give it some more thought than just a dildo.
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