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What you are about to read is who The Swarm is, what we want to achieve and our rules. It is required and in your best interest to read all of this. Why? So we are all on the same page and can do what we are all here to do. Have fun gaming and win. The Swarm is a growing gaming community for Playstation 4 and PC. We have an overwhelming sense of optimism and enthusiasm for gaming in general. We believe that working as a cohesive unit, everyone within The Swarm achieves more, together. Our emphasis on strong leadership and the willingness to break from the mold and try new things ensures us that will be able to adapt and thrive in situations in which many other organizations would fall apart. We are always looking to grow and evolve as a gaming community. And we are always looking for more members who want to be apart of The Swarm for a longtime to come. Which is where being a gaming community comes first. We are not an outfit, guild, clan and such first. This is not a community you join to game for a few weeks and leave. Oh no, that is not us at all. We are looking for members who want to be with The Swarm for a very long time. We want members who want to put forth an effort and dedicate to helping us grow.

Below you will find the following info and links to the proper content. Please read everything to make sure this is the gaming community for you.

1. How we Roll
What We Expect
Players we do not want
Our supported games and rules (Please make sure to read this before you apply to that game)
Our Staff (PSN and Steam Handles)
Important Links
Events & Competitions
How to support The Swarm
IRC Chat
The Future and Helping Us Grow/Evolve
Forums, IRC & You
12. How to step up and be a leader or contributor

How We Roll:
· Serious Business, in moderation: Having fun is a top priority for us in the Swarm, but sometimes we focus on critical objectives in key moments. Knowing when to get serious at the right times means we can have fun more often.
· The Right Way: Nothing is done halfway. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
· Failure Is Always An Option: Doing things the Right Way doesn't mean we're guaranteed to succeed. Errors and failures can happen and will happen. Failure is only a learning experience, however. We examine our failures and learn from them. We accept our failures and discuss them.
· IRC: We use IRC for instant communication between our members and to provide an opportunity to socialize when not ingame. Things may happen in IRC that we do not have time to post on in the forums. Most of our importu squads are formed via IRC. IRC Chat is a lot more important than you think and you should make every effort to be apart of it.
· Everyone Can Be Great: We believe that over time, even the worse of players can become the best of players given practice and training. We don't look down on those who aren't as talented as others.
· Never Stop Posting: Our forums are the lifeblood and soul of the community. Any news, announcement, changes or events will be posted there.

What We Expect:
· Go with the flow or make your case for change: Suggestions and improvements are how we make continuous progress. If you don’t like something make a post about it!
· Participate: When we have an event, take part in it. The secret to having fun to play the game with other people. We don't have "mandatory" events. We tell our members what we're doing and why it is important or fun and trust them to show up if able.
· Be A Gentleman (Or Lady): There is someone on the other side of that screen.
· Be Chill: Everyone has those bad days. What's important is that it doesn't escalate and everyone sorts things out calmly later.
· Step Up And Lead: Delegation is critical. We need members who are willing to setup up to the plate and lead into battle.
· Be Honest: We want to exactly what you're thinking. You can expect we will tell you exactly what we're thinking whether it is uncomfortable or not. Remember, when faced with criticism, Be Chill or there will be problems. Make sure to not mistake honesty for hostility.
· A Commitment to Learn: Not everyone is an ace video game player. However, if you're willing to learn, we will work with you to grow your skills over time.
· Never Stop Posting: If you're not posting on the forums, you're as good as dead to us. (Yes, this is in both sections intentionally.)
· Maturity: We require all members to be 17 years of age or older.
· Communicate: All members must have a working microphone.
· To be considered a member of The Swarm we require high levels of participation's and/or community interaction. Being a casual player is fine we just ask you maintain contact within our community. We are looking for people to either be posting on the forums every few weeks and/or active in IRC. Being active on the forums means contributing to the community. Saying you are active does not count. Remember you are joining a gaming community that relies heavy on its forums for communication and training.
· Going away? Make sure to fill out an extended leave of absence request. (link)

Players we do not want
· Anyone who disagrees to the rules listed
· Players who abuse voice chat. This includes talking over voice comm’s
· Players who talk down on officers and do not follow rules
· Trolls, Abusers, Forum Harassers or anyone who creates a negative environment
· Players who are inactive for a long time without notifying us on the Extended Leave of Absence Request Forum (link)
· Players with egos or backseat leaders. When orders are issued please listen. If you disagree feel free to discuss it afterwards on the forums.

Our supported games
Planetside 2 on Playstation 4
Elder Scrolls Online on Playstation 4
Metal Gear Solid: Online on PC & Playstation 4
Star Wars: Battlefront on PC & Playstation 4
Rainbow Six: Siege on PC & Playstation 4
ARK: Survival Evolved on PC

Who to add to PSN
High Council
PSN: DaKirch (DaKirch)
PSN: Aratsu- (danofthedep)
PSN: LostInTheVoid_ (LostInTheVoid)
PSN: wick1969 (Fuzzy)

Who to add to STEAM
Dakirch -
LostInTheVoid -
DanOfTheDeep -

NOTE: Ask to join our STEAM Group!

Make sure to view the roster of respected games to see other leaders

Important Links
Twitter - Http://
Twitch -
The Swarm Merch -
Youtube -
Edit Your Forum Profile -

Events are scheduled a few times a week for serious meet ups. These are usually operations where staff is on and we conduct things a bit more serious. Squads will communicate with each other to organize the operation. While a more serious time it does not mean this is ran like a military. We are The Swarm, we still have fun. So if you laugh you really do not have to worry about the drill sergeant yelling at you why you think this is funny.

How to Support The Swarm
There are quite a few ways to support us. First would be buying The Swarm Merch! Another is donating via PayPal. And last is visiting any of our sponsors. All of these will go to continue to upgrade the website, server costs, purchase more merch, gaming servers, etc.

IRC Chat is just as important as our forums. We have seperate rooms for different games and also our main channel #the-swarm for anything that does not fall under a game we support. This is a great way to know the community and make friends.

IRC Chat FAQ & Setup - More info located on this forum. Please read.

The Future and Helping Us Grow/Evolve
The future for The Swarm is very bright. We are always looking to grow and evolve as a community. And that starts(and even ends) with you, our members. Members are what push our forward. Members are what fuel the gaming community. We have great plans for the future. We are always looking for ideas, suggestions and concerns. So feel free to post them on the forums.

Forums, IRC & You
I guess by now you have noticed our Forums & IRC Chat are very important to us. They have helped the community grow. They have produced some amazing friendships. These aspects of the community are our most powerful tool. So please do everything you can to use them. If you ever have trouble please contact one of us so we can assist you. We want your time in our community to be nothing short of amazing.

How to step up and be a leader or contributor
We are always looking for members of our community who want to help us grow. Do you edit videos? Do you do graphics? Are you an amazing coder? Want to do podcasts? Do you want to help lead a current game? Do you want to bring on a new game to The Swarm? Well all you need to do is contact us in a private message. Let's talk some more to help The Swarm evolve and grow!
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