The Swarm Movie Club 1 Oldboy (2003)


Alright so I just finished it. I have to admit I figured Mi-do was his daughter when she was posing as the reporter asking about her. Just seemed likely. That aside, the movie was interesting to say the least. The action shots were all well done and all around it was a good revenge flick. I did like the fact that it was 2 ongoing revenge plots at the same time, that added an interesting layer that I don't think I have seen done before.

I would give it a 7/10 I would certainly recommend it to friends.

My recommendation for the next movie club is The Dead Lands.
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Probably one of my favourite revenge films made, I saw the devil is close as well. Chan Wook park is very good and making you feel like you're on the edge for the entire film and by the end, he pushes you off that edge. It's not a surprise to me that he's gone on to make English spoken films as well. Without giving anything away the set up for the villain and the payoff is just brilliant and it finishes the film on a very emotional level.

Easily one of my favourite films to come out of Korea or in general really. 8.9/10

My recommendation for the next movie club is Slow West.