Tank montage wip

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Since time immemorial, last month when I saw a bunch of other people doing it, I have dreamed of putting together a good tank montage for public display. Now, after sifting through all my old footage, I feel it is about done. I wanted to throw it on here to get some opinions on content & editing before I throw it on Reddit/forums. It's still a bit long I think, and though I'm partial to leaving in the in game comms, I'm not settled on whether to put in music or not. There are also a couple places where in the heat of victory I potentially insult all of TR, or the Japanese people, and I'm not sure how offensive they are. Here it is.

Very fun. In addition to above comments maybe break it up into a few different videos so it is not so long.
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You were playing as the purple spandex people in one of the clips...
10/10 for video comprehension, but how will he fare on the essay portion? :) I fool around with the other factions for probably less than 1% of my play time, so none of your guff eh? I'm NC, make no mistake.
I like that there is no music! I think its fucking hilarious when you are talking in that accent and killing people. The dialogue in combination with the kills makes this video funny as hell.