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Hello! It sure has been quiet around here.....but Red Dead 2 is just around the corner. So things are about to get crazy. And it's never quiet in our discord......so if you are reading this and not in our discord just go join it? http://discord.me/swrm

- Once Red Dead Redemption 2 ONLINE hype starts so does the street team. And the mass promoting of The Swarm. No sense doing much right now with no hype, yet.

- It seems when RDR2 launches atleast one game is coming out that will have some online hype too. So of course we will do what we did before when we all played ESO/PS2....jump around jerking eachother off

- Somehow during this very quiet gaming year our core has stayed intact, so I look forward to playing video games with everyone again. But after the disappointing Battlefield 1 launch its been a rough stretch of video games huh? We have been waiting for this moment (RDR2) for a long long time.

- I really want to update the forums (version and skin) but not sure if the new software supports our custom add-ons. I will slowly look into it and will update the forums but its not really anywhere near the top of my list. Everything works fine still....i think?

Ok, see you this fall bitches