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    Well it is July and that means August is our 1 year anniversary on our own dedicated server. And a lot has changed. The move to a dedicated server was a great move for us that was to usher in a lot of big things we had planned. Some of those we accomplished, some fizzled out as Battlefield 1 fizzled out and some are still floating around in my head.

    There is no reason to lie but a lot of things that are still floating around just have not come to fruition because I really have lacked motivation. It has been over 6months since Dan has passed and I still have a hard time just wanting to do any of this. Some days video games just do not feel fun to me. Rather just watch some stupid Netflix/amazon show and call it a night. Granted not having a big community game until Read Dead Redemption 2 comes out plays a part in that but it really does not give an excuse why the things that should have been done by now are not. It’s not that I do not want to , it is just I am still having a hard time.

    The server renewal is August 1st and the past few months I have really thought long and hard how I want to approach this. I have thought about stepping away and have thought that as recent as a few hours ago. Heavy thought goes into this but I know if this were to move forward (The Swarm) I would have to get really motivated and just start making things progress forward.

    It is not the lack of a massive community game that is the reason for this. Sure Casualfield was a major disappointment to all those that play it however that should of never stopped us from moving forward. Often not members follow those that lead and their example and I have really done a poor job. The Swarm has really come to be something special containing a bunch of assholes who just do not give a fuck. We cater to no one and spend most of our days trying to trigger eachother. We have come so far from the days where we were a small Planetside 2 Playstation 4 Outfit trying to make everyone happy. Yeah those MilSim days were real fun huh? *vomit*

    Enough of that and lets just get to the juicy details. I have settled on that to even walk away from this for a second would be foolish and destroy what we always wanted. Gaming is in my blood and probably a lot of yours. The Swarm too. Below I have listed things I will begin working on and keep everyone updated as we continue to move forward. When you do get a chance please answer the poll with what game(s) you plan to purchase soon and I will post more details about that later.

    What stopped it ultimely was Shen’s promotion and me remodeling a room. I am 90% moved in and Myself and Cartboy have planned a test run this Thursday. The podcast will be a 100% different format and will feature a lot of user interactivity with trivia / prizes. The theme of the podcast revolves around whatever and anything. Just two assholes who do not give a fuck talking about some shitty movie they saw or trashing another big AAA gaming release. We will probably never get sponsored so we will make sure we make that more likely. Shen will be taking on a producer role.

    Future Game(s)
    This is here the poll comes in. At this moment I have begun to start putting up advertisements for PuGB , RDR2 and will put more based on the answers to the poll. I guess it is never too early to start recruiting and hopefully it drags in another 2 or 3 quality members before release of RDR2. Of course when the game does release the recruiting part will bring in a lot of people. We never had issues recruiting, we always had issues picking the damn wrong games. PS2, ESO, Division, Battlefront 1, Battlefield 1…yeah.

    https://theswarm.net/threads/poll-games-you-plan-to-future-on-this-list.6895/ - POLL TIME

    Social Media
    So I guess slowly we will work ourselves into updating everything social media wise to get a bit smaller presence. I imagine once me and cart start to click podcast wise we can start knocking out some videos we have planned.

    New Merch
    The new merch is all but planned based on the new logo. Simplistic and fun. Things such as tshirts will be limited. One color will be printed and when it is gone a new color will be printed.


    If anyone has suggestions , comments, concerns or would like to help in any way please let me know here or on discord. As promised I will try to keep you updated weekly with what is going on and how we are progressing. I know personally I have really let everyone down the last few months and I am truly sorry. So I will be giving free handjobs in discord.
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    You straight up almost gave me a heart attack with the first half at that man. Glad your keeping shit running and if you need any help with anything don't hesitate to ask (if you need the help of the swarms former punching bag).
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    Whatever you guys need, you got my full support with whatever I can do. I'd love to pitch in on the podcast too if you need help anywhere.
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    Swarm 2.0 MTSGA Make The Swarm Great Again.
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    I just want to say that I think this, no I know this is the best gaming community i have belonged to. I have met(played) DnD (not a video game) with a couple of the guys from the swarm, and it has been great (thanks for that). I haven't really played many games with others online, probably due to the fact that I am usually playing SP games and the MP i want to play on my computer, the old bessie can't run.

    I am glad that i found the Swarm while searching one day for an ESO guild, and even thou ESO was dead for most of you at the time, i liked what i saw, and am glad I stayed.
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    Don't care how big or how small The Swarm gets. Love you guys and I don't plan on leaving any time soon.
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    I have definitely enjoyed my time here and I am very thankful to be part of this group of people. It's created a positive spot for me to hang out. I enjoy checking out all the random shit on discord and hearing your guys thoughts on all sorts of random happenings. I check out discord everyday and look through all the new arguments, memes and disturbing pics/vids. Cheers to all the people who have created and kept The Swarm going.

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