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Hello my fellow Swarm Members! Welcome to your day late state of the swarmland. Because thats how we do.

*claps loud into microphone*

The State of The SwarmLand Union 2018

So it’s the start of a new year that means a the start of a new Swarm. 2017 was a tough year for the community facing very little new content and trying to cope with the loss of not just a founding member but also a close friend in Dan. That isn’t to say that all of 2017 has been bad that’s far from the case I think as a community we’ve become a very tight knit group of individuals that enjoy talking with each other and playing games with one another as well.

*claps loud into microphone*

Now granted the first few months of Dan passing myself Dakirch became very distant and wasn't sure if I ever wanted to continue this thing. It didn't feel the same and of course it still does not. Sir Dan lived and breathed Swarm. When it sank in he want us to continue in some form we decided to keep things moving forward. The general lack of any game to build off of after a really disappointing Battlefield 1 launch of course made that harder.

What made The Swarm a smaller group was when we found our identity. A bunch of assholes trying to get under each other's skin constantly. That did start to filter out some members who would not fit in. But those who enjoyed every moment of it quickly became a HUGE part of the family. Yeah we triggered a lot of people during 2017 and we probably will trigger more in 2018. Truly though we found out our identity and took off whatever filter we were forcing on our community.

*claps loud into microphone while shouting god*

Ok I'll stop that now.

We all knew Red Dead Redemption 2 was going be the next big game. It was just the waiting period and still is. So during that time Dakirch spent most of 2017 redesigning the logo and planning out a merch launch with a Street Team launch.

We have this great opportunity to attract new members to our community that will fit in. And trust us everyone will not. We are not looking to become a massive community but a very tight one which we are now. We want to grow what we have now and at no point are we looking to stray away from what we are now.

Red Dead Redemption 2, rules and us.

Clearly Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game we are all salivating over. Just the slightest news item is right around the corner. Any day now. ANY. DAY. NOW. And when something is released about Red Dead Online we will be going full force into our advertising campaign. We have it mapped out pretty well and as you can see we are setting up the pieces. Forums, Discord, Merch, Street Team and such. Hopefully I can outline everything within this post of all what is being planned.

So new rules. As we continue to evolve and finding our identity so do our rules. 2017 we quickly learned we are a community that post a lot of NSFW content. We curse, we drink, some of us get shot in the stomach. So we are evolving our rules to reflect that.

We are going with a more 18 and older community. Our Discord server is just full of disgusting porn. And clearly we have no filters here. Our chances of ever being a Discord Partner have went up in flames ages ago. So it really only makes sense that we’d be firmly seated as an 18+ community.

Discord is our #1 priority. What this means is you must be on Discord HOWEVER you must register on the forums and add yourself to the roster. If you play RDR2 you should be on the websites roster. That also means you must be active somewhat in discord. When we do our audits and find you are not active you will be booted!

Street Team, Monthly Prizes/Raffles and Getting Involved.

One of the most exciting things we had launched during Battlefield 1 was raffles. It promoted activity but also helped me learn how to promote activity and what did/did not work. That’s where the The Swarm Street Team comes in. Starting now the raffle is live. So let's go over rules.

Start: January 26th 2018

End: February 26th 2018 at 12am EST

Rules and More Info: So make sure to read them. Everyone should be seeing their promo stickers soon. Just a reminder that once you run out you will have to trade points in for more and wait until they are shipped. Also you will be limited to a certain amount after this months contest is done.

Merch Launch. All the new merch is here for 2018! Go buy some. It features our new logo.

Advertising Plans and Launching Them.

As mentioned we have advertising methods lined up for when big Red Dead Online news comes out. As we launch those new members will roll in. This includes Reddit Ads, Reddit LFG, Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads. We will try different areas to see what does and does not work. We expect to fill up with members fast and it will be just sorting through what we have and seeing who is a good fit and getting rid of those that do not take part in the community.

Triggering People in Discord some Sort of Rules for The Swarm / Discord.

Clearly with discord we need some sort of rules. And those are posted in #rules-info. Yes we do love trying to get under each others skin but rules are a must. We don’t have many.

1. Keep the NSFW / NSFL content in the appropriate channels.
2. Don't spam or self-promote.
3. No hate speech is welcome here.
4. If you have any questions, please feel to ping any of the admins.
5. No illegal content is to be posted.
6. Make fun of mac.
7. Follow the Discord ToS.
8. If someone breaks a rule or Discord ToS page @High Council
9. Do not post someone's personal info

Will The Swarm Also Add RDR2 PC After Its Launch?

Absolutely. We plan to fully support PC and a number of us will actually be getting it the minute it is available. Many of us will also be sticking to Playstation 4. There are quite a number of PC gamers here and it would be a great way to bring in a few more. But you can expect us to not lose focus on PS4 at the same time.

Secret Santa Success. How 2018 is Shaping to be.

Secret Santa was really great for 2017. We saw a lot of gag gifts included this year. Of course everyone received serious gifts too on top of their sexy undies. 2018 should be a lot more fun as we learned more from our 2nd year of Secret Santa! Props to Void for again organizing it. Here are some of the highlights.

Adding Mod's. Empty High Council Seat.
When things get crazy with Red Dead Onlines release we will be adding more Discord Mods. We already have two selected and hopefully that is enough. The goal is to be able to shut down any spam pretty quick but that is something we never had a true issue handling. We believe for the time being Dakirch and Void will be the only high council members. However, that doesn’t mean in the future we won't be keeping our eyes open for someone else to join the admin ranks. Ultimately it has to be the right person at the right time we’ve had 2 admins come and go and a 3rd unfortunately pass away. Every admin we ‘ve had has put in a lot of time and effort to make the community what it is today and hopefully someday we’ll have another person join the ranks with a vision to make things greater than they already are.

In closing, 2018 is set to be the backdrop to a new Swarm direction. We hope the new direction will bring in new members as well as make old members even more invested in the community. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback over the next several months. Thanks to everyone who continues to make The Swarm what it is.

The Swarm High Council.




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Very pumped up after reading this.

Great Job Dakirch!