Spotify and Discord join forces to share your tunes simultaneously with friends

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    • Spotify is now available on Discord. See and play what other people are listening to. Spotify Premium members can listen along with their friends. Also, more! Check out our help article to get started.
    • Increased voice server capacity in Hong Kong and Singapore! More reliability than a mid-sized SUV.
    • Added an Oxford comma when 3 users are typing, cuz good grammer and sintacks is importint!!
    • Server owners now get a super cool icon in the members list. Your ego needs this. Will not show in servers with obvious admin roles.
    • @mentioning in large servers is now super smooth like grass-fed full-fat butter.
    • Friends list is now smoother if you have a lot of friends. Buffs for the cool kids.
    • Large servers should be much more performant. The never ending quest to make the Fortnite server work better.
    • After giving mic access, browser Discord will not turn on your mic automatically.
    • Fixed a bug where Discord would crash if you clicked the download update button too fast like a Mario Party mini game.
    • Fixed a pesky bug that broke Discord sometimes when you tried uploading a file, then changed your mind and canceled. Discord didn't like that. Discord likes commitment.
    • Love Discord? Support us with Discord Nitro and get some benefits for your account.
    • We’re now accepting music artists and record labels into our server verification program. If you look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am one or both of those things!” then check it out!
    • Are you involved with a gaming club at your university? Ask your club president or supreme leader to apply as an Event Coordinator in the HypeSquad and we’ll hook your club up with a box of awesome!
    • Send help. And by that, I mean send yourself. And by that, I mean we're hiring.

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