Sea of Thieves

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Someone brought this up in Discord and I figured I would make a post on this. Posting it here in PC Gaming because its going to be a Win 10 / Xbox exclusive here. It's a game about pirates, it looks dope and instead of wasting my breath on this I figured I'd link to some of the footage from the recent beta.




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I have always liked pirate style games, think back to my early years playing Sid Meier's Pirates on a commodore 64. Will have to see if i can run it on my ancient machine, or if i will have to get it on my xbone
wow thats fucking super weak. nevermind then.
That was my thought exactly, then Khronos reminded me of the win7 support timeline which is closer than I remembered, so for security reasons an upgrade is necessary soon enough to make this reasonable on their side.
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Yeah its about that time for Windows 7 o7

You will be missed, but it was released in 09 its almost a decade old that's pretty crazy its held on this long anyways.


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Fuck, i need to upgrade my damn video card for PC...I really need those GPU's to come down in price, or see if i can find a used one a little bit older but usable.