Roster is Live! Swarm Red Dead Hype Starts, NOW?


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Ok finally have the new roster add-on up and running. So that means it is time for you to do your part.

First, goto and update your account details / contact details. PSN ID, Etc. While the old forums imported your data it named it really weird so it displayed on the roster super long. It was an eye sore.

Second, see if you are on the roster. If you are, you are done unless your rank is wrong. If your rank is wrong let me know. If you are not on the roster let us know and we will get you added. You can add yourself but we will have to update your forum rank to get you bumped to the proper spot.

If you do not want to be apart of The Swarm and Red Dead Redemption 2 simply ignore this message. A mass email to everyone registered here will go out soon.

Yes we can add different games to this roster as we move forward. But let's talk everything The Swarm going forward.

Discord. Clearly our main thing for awhile has been discord. so join our discord chat. Discord is free for PC / Mobile / ETC. Discord are self explanatory and we have the channels setup appropriately. Download discord on PC. Or Search Discord on iOS / Android.

Forums. Not going to push them as hard but use them for roster, registration and such. New users will still have to register on the forums and get themselves added to the roster. We are looking for users to give 1-2 posts a week. Will push this heavier closer to online launch of RDR2.

You can sort forums at the top by clicking the tabs. Announcements, General, ETC.

Street Team. The Swarm Street Team will pick up steam again once online hype picks up. Still have stickers ready for everyone who has none. And of course lots of cool prizes will be given out.

Contests. They will come back closer to RDR2 Online launch.

Merch. You can still buy our new merch ;)

We are going push activity when the game launches. Discord , Forums (1-2 times a week) and ingame. We are going for quality over quantity. And we will be 18 and Older. Things will be done a lot differently vs Battlefield 1. If you been hanging around discord for awhile you will see that.


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Cannot wait for more details from Rockstar about online free roam


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I hope they don't cut out as much from single player as the first game did.
Hunting/fishing/camping with the crew would be so cool.