Ps4 pro on 1080p for bf1

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Does anyone on here have a ps4 pro and playing bf1 on a 1080p tv? I'm wondering if it is worth the switch to a ps4 pro without a 4k tv for specifically bf1 and no other games. Thanks
Just sold my old PS4 to a friend and picked up a PS4 Pro from Target because I had a $100 gift card.

Haven't quite noticed a huge difference yet, I play on a computer lcd, so it wasn't terrible before.

I do know that people online claim the draw distance is a bit better and that you can see enemies better, but I've only played a couple games so far...

I'll report back.
Ok took a hard look at it...and it does look a bit better and feels more responsive in Battlefield 1. BUT it didn't really help me too much and its not like I saw the enemies before they saw me(ie. draw distance).

I will say that Battlefront looks a ton better imo. There's no official patch so far(as far as I've read), but the Endor map looks amazing.


Titanfall 2 looks amazing/better as well.

I'm still playing on my computer LCD at 1080p. I haven't tested on my 4k TV, nor will I likely unless I can get a nice one for my office that isn't huge. I'm more likely to get a 4k computer lcd next though.
I have had my Ps4 Pro for only 3 weeks and not a major difference playing on a plasma tv. I have seen a difference in boot up times and load times since putting in a samsung pro ssd 1TB hard drive in mine.
Look, most PS4 players own 1080p sets, and lots of people probably have no plans on upgrading their TV anytime soon just because of new video game consoles. Well, it’s totally understandable. After all, many games still look damn good at 1080p. As Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes have shown with Rise Of The Tomb Raider, though, all that extra grunt under the Pro’s hood does net you visible graphical improvements over the base PS4, even if you’re not playing in 4K mode.


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Hey There !

I am actually getting the Destiny 2 ps4 pro edition to replace my day one ps4:p

Will be using a 1080 pc monitor so I'll let you know what think.

Quite curious on the Xbox One X though...