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The NFL Playoffs are now set! And it time to put your money where your mouth is! The Swarm - 2016/2017 NFL Playoff Game! Lets discuss how to set this up

Rules and Info!
  • $20 to Enter (or more)
  • Winner takes all. So if 10 people enter, that is $200. Winner with the most points at the end takes the pot.
  • Pot will be sent to Dakirch paypal for safe beer buying keeping
  • You can submit your current picks for that week 1 hour before the first game. After that all picks are SEALED.
  • Submit your picks to @LostInTheVoid , since he hates NFL he can manage this
  • You will pick that weeks projected winners and also the following week(s).
  • If you pick for the first week of the playoffs and get a pick right, that is 1 point
  • You can make picks for the future and get additional point(s) based on correct matchup predictions and/or winners.
  • Still a work in progress but this gives you an idea
First, who is in? Also lets talk rules and such!


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Anyone down?


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I am to take the Americans down

Some pools i have taken part in the past, have done the following.

12 teams are in the playoffs, you put a number from 1 to 12(using each number once) on all the teams, for every game that the team wins they get the points assigned to that team.

Example - Detroit vs Seattle. you have Detroit set as a 3 and Seattle as 8. If Detroit wins you get 3 points, and if Seattle wins you get 8 points. who ever has the most points at the end of the playoffs wins.