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Changing the rules up so more people can enter. You do not need to pay in to win. Instead whoever has the most points at the end of the playoffs will win their choices of the following. $40 PSN Digital Gift Card or $40 Amazon Credit.

How To Enter and Rules
  • Submit your pick(s) every week at the link provided. Simply select the winners using the goggle form document
  • Fill in all the info so we know your username
  • Correct CURRENT week picks are 1 point. Correct FUTURE week picks are 0.5points
  • Leaderboards are provided at the end of every week and new form will go up
  • You have until ONE hour before the first game starts to submit picks

Week 1:

Just remember, the #1 seed will face the worse team. So if Miami won they would not face kansas city. They would face NE. The #1 seed gets the honor of facing the worse seeded team
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As long as the Raiders lose and RaiderOne cries my job will be complete haha


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I am in, and submitted my picks.