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Mr. Veltin of the german games magazine GamePro was invited to watch Rockstar Games play an exclusive 45 minute long gameplay preview.
He was also able to talk to Rob Nelson, Rockstar North. He talks about it in this video (in German):

Some features are (translated):
- Morgan can go fishing.
- Morgan can talk to almost every NPC in the game world. You can choose different answers via the shoulder button of the controller. For example Morgan can persuade the driver of a stagecoach to hand it over to you "or something bad is about to happen". This also means that you can deal with NPCs without having to shoot them all the time.
- Fist fights (brawls) will be a thing. No details yet.
- Morgan can go and hunt for treasures. No details yet.
- There will only be one playable character, unlike in GTAV. The gang will play a big roll and Morgan has to deal with the ups and downs and how the gang changes throughout the story. "Is Dutch the right leader? Are we still doing the right thing?"
- You can influence the relationship between certain gang members. No details yet.
- One mission involves a bank robbery with Bill Williamson and other gang members in a small town called Valentine. The robbery was somewhat dynamic and you will have different choices how to do it. For example a female gang member named Karen will act as a decoy. You can make her play a drunken prostitute or a woman who is lost. She will enter the bank and distract everyone. The gang will then hold up the people inside the bank and you can choose if you want to blow up the safe deposit boxes or if you want to lockpick them. This is not a heist.
- The gang is always present. There will be some sort of base camp where the gang members always hang out and Morgan can talk to them and they will invite him to side activities. You also have to help to keep the gang running. For example one time Morgan has to get meat for Pearson, the gang's cook. He went to shoot some rabbits and he also stole some ducks from a fisherman. Later on, he was hunting a deer with bow and arrow but the deer didn't die instantly. It was in pain crying out loud and Morgan had to end his life with his knife. it's totally possible to kill it with one precise shot by hitting critical hitpoints.
- The game will take place at the end of the wild west era, when progress is a big thing.
- The games world is very immersive. Birds are singing or you can hear crickets for example.
- The game uses no "magic pockets". ((Everything that Morgan carries will be visible on him.)) If you holster your weapon, you can see it in your holster or on your horse. If you hunt rabbits or other small animals, they will hang on the side of your horse. Morgan's horse has a carry limit. If you hunt too many animals, you can't carry them. It seems that you have to bring them to the base camp to store them. Moreover, Morgan has a little drinking mug that he will get from his horse if he's talking to someone for example.
- The preview was played on a normal PlayStation 4 and it looked fantastic. Pro will be supported. No details yet