March Raffle - $20 Gift Card You Name It

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    1. You now get a daily limit of 9 tickets a day to claim
    2. You claim a ticket but visiting the website , hitting raffle and hitting claim
    3. You can claim 3 tickets every 8 hours for a max of 9 daily
    4. You will have tickets deleted daily for not meeting the below requirements (Ticket Modifiers)
    5. Contest starts now and will end March 31st at 11:59pm EST
    6. I simply hit a button at the end and it will auto-pick a random raffle.
    7. Winner can choose to spin the wheel for a better prize!
    Ticket Modifiers

    • You will LOSE two ticket per day for not having a daily FORUM post
    • You will LOSE two tickets per day for not having a thread creation atleast twice in the week
    • You will LOSE two tickets per day for not having daily discord activity
    • You will LOSE one ticket per day for not taking part in the movie club
    • You can lose a max of 7 tickets a day for not taking part in the above

    • Thread creation and replies have to be of quality and not blatant spam/no effort
    • Movie club is posted in #movies on discord and movie forum
    • @LostInTheVoid will post movie club rules tomorrow. You have to watch a movie (which we will help you get access too) and the next week you discuss it with everyone.
    Monthly Prize

    The prize this month is a $20 gift card to PSN, Amazon, Steam or Your Choice

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