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Wow. A lot of us been waiting over 2 years for this moment. Red Dead Redemption 2. We spent so long hanging out in discord dreaming when we can all play RDR2 together. Of course online has to wait a few more weeks but atleast we get to play single player! A lot of us have not played any games with eachother for awhile. Some of us have here and there. It will be great to hear all your sexy voices whisper those sweet nothings.

A lot of shitty games have come and gone. Battlefield 1 being a big one. We thought that would hold us over until RDR2 and boy did that game flop. So it will be great to game with everyone again and make new ones. The close beta days of planetside 2 is what we want to recreate. Hope this is it!

The only negative in all of this is not getting to enjoy this moment with Dan. Dan dreamed of the day a game like this came along and get those glory days back.

Can not wait to game with you all! Again. It will be a nice break from all our circlejerks in discord. Or pissing eachother off.

Share some of your favorite Swarm memories so far! And if you want a nude picture of you playing Red Dead 2.