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    So last year for fathers day my wife bought me a 1 gallon Brooklyn brewhouse beer making kits (All grain). and i made a couple of batches in it (it would make a twelve pack i think of regular bottles, but i like the 500 ml ones, so i would get almost 6). SO for my birthday back in April i asked for a 5 gallon kit.

    I have now made 1 batch that i am currently drinking and of course made a rookie mistake, and didn't get let the batch boil down long enough so my alcohol content was about 3.6 % (damn light beer), and it was a Belgium Witbier, so at least it was supposed to be a light refreshing beer.

    Brewed up the second batch today, and am making a cream ale (hopefully i get closer to the 5% alcohol content this time), and will bottle it in a couple of weeks.

    For anyone thinking of starting homebrew, i suggest trying one of the brooklyn brewhouse 1 gallon kits (or any 1 gallon kit) as they are smaller, easier to start with, less expensive, and if you don't enjoy it, easy to stop.

    Thanks, just wanted to share.
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    I used to get heavy into homebrewing. Im about to move my whole setup to the garage and get back into kegging. I would do all grain too. Once I finish remodeling the upstairs room I will be back into brewing!

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