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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online [PS4 / PC]

    The Swarm plays many games on Playstation 4 and PC. Our history is strong and we have played many games on the Playstation 4 dating back to Planetside 2. Recently have started to expand into the PC world. From there you will see our active players sometimes taking breaks and playing a variety of other games! So do not hesitate to stop by our discord and group up.

    The Swarm is an online gaming community that is dedicated to growing from the feedback of its members. We have a solid group of core members that make The Swarm an awesome site to be involved with. Gaming is what created this community and it has allowed us to expand into a much more fluid and dynamic site and with the help of feedback not only from the core members but the community as a whole. We’ve been able to create a website that allows discussion of anything and everything. The Swarm was founded on the principle of having fun with like minded people whether that be through video games, movies, comics and even beer. Our discord is active with our very core members so if you are interested in joining I would suggest checking it out to see if you are a good fit. Of course not everyone is a good fit and we accept that.

    Every game that launches that is greatly anticipated we hope to see lots more new faces join The Swarm and getting stuck in with the community and hopefully make some new friends. We have seen members join from all walks of life and from a myriad of different countries which opens up even more discussions and cool new experiences.

    Upon joining this community you probably wonder how can you get involved and become apart of something many of us consider our online home. This post serves to help you get involved with our family, The Swarm!

    First you obviously need to register on the forums fill out your form. Once you click register you are automatically forwarded to your app form! From there we will welcome you aboard and get you added to the roster. If you can not find the app form here it is

    After Registering-
    Head over to to view our rosters. Click any game you play and click [add] to add yourself to that roster. This roster is still in beta with new features launching soon. If you see a game you play not on the list let us know and we will get it added!

    After that.....

    Quality over Quantity
    Quality over quantity. We are looking for people who want to be apart of our community. That means using the forums and/or discord chat. If you jump with both feet forward you will quickly realize what a great community we are and what we have to offer. Everyday new/old members hop into discord looking to play game(s). Those members requested people to game with. We are looking to grow our community and we want people who want to be here for a long time!

    Join Discord
    Discord is a free voice and chat application for PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile that keeps our members connected.
    - Download discord on mobile app stores or at
    - Register your username (account is sync'd on all platforms (Mobile, PC, ETC)
    - Join Any issues let us know
    - You will then always automatically join our discord room! :)
    - Rooms are used for staying connected to the community. So feel free to chat away!

    Download Mobile App
    - Search for The Swarm Forums on iOS or Android Marketplace. This will give you push notifications on your phone

    Join our PSN Communities
    - The-Swarm.NET
    - The Swarm: Battlefield
    - The Swarm: Red Dead
    - The Swarm: Division
    - The Swarm: Destiny
    - The Swarm: Sports Gaming
    - The Swarm: Warband

    Join our Steam Group

    - Some of our members are always active on only discord. Some are active only on the forums. Some both! So take part and help us to continue to grow and see why we have been gaming together in some form together for over two years. If you ever have suggestions, feedback, concerns or idea's for new features feel free to let us know. As you can see our forums are a very powerful tool with a load of features. And they are no where near competition yet! We have a lot of custom add-ons coming soon.

    Update Forum and Contact[PSN, Steam, ETC] Info
    Your PSN / Steam / Origin id is auto-populated to one of our roster sections so users can quickly add other Swarm members. Updating this and other info is great. So spend some time doing this and playing around with other forum features.

    Add Roster/Friends! go to the game you play and add everyone from the psn id field. If your ID does not show up please enter it at

    Update Your Streaming Details!
    To have auto alerts on discord

    To add your streaming details to the website

    Change Your Username

    If you ever need to reach someone higher up you can message:


    The Swarm - GET BUZZED!

    Social Media - Please like and follow!
    | Twitter | Twitch.TV | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Steam Group |
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    Social Media - Please like and follow!
    | Twitter | Twitch.TV | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Steam |

    Updated with some info. Right now some social media websites are idle and just placeholders. They will amp up when our podcasting gets better and we start advertising those
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