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Quick Bullet Point of Rules
  • NC-17 (18 and Older)
  • Register on Forums, Add Self to Roster
  • Discord Mandatory. Forum Activity? Meh. I Mean Encouraged.
  • Try To Piss of Mac in Discord
Now Recruiting For:
Red Dead Redemption 2 Online [PS4 / PC]

Who are we?

The Swarm is a group of gamers, beer lovers and moaners. We are a NC-17 community. So that means 18 and older only. Why? Go browse our discord for a few minutes. Not only do we have the spicest meme’s but everyone abuses the hentai bot. The site is owned and run by Dakirch or as he likes to be known as Kirk, or gramps. (This is false, why did you put this in here?) The Swarm was founded back in February of 2015 by Dakirch, Danofthedeep and Pattycakes. Pattycakes is no longer a member (disappeared after Dethoxide went out on a date with him) of The Swarm and Dan unfortunately passed away in December of 2016. Dan’s passing was a difficult period for us as most of us had known him for several years already and losing someone as dedicated and passionate as he was about the community hit very hard. The worse thing though was us losing a close friend.

The Swarm has gone through many iterations in it’s relatively short life. Not only in the way we run things but also in how we communicate with one another. Back in 2015 our forums were a very basic setup that we’d later update to a easier to use designed site. We were also using IRC back in 2015 to communicate directly and I’m sure some people who are reading this have used IRC and know how outdated it has become which is the main reason why we switched to a Discord server over a year ago now. Discord has allowed us to really flesh out our online chat rooms and allowed for more interesting conversations and an easier experience for newcomers. Now that we have the professional part of that out of the way what we really do is try to piss eachother off a lot.

We have also supported many games through our lifetime originally we had started out as a Planetside 2 on PS4 community a lot of core members have been around since the closed beta days of Planetside 2. During our time supporting Planetside 2 we had a very large community which at times was a struggle to keep a hold of. But all good things must come to an end. In early 2016 we had all but announced stopping support for our Planetside 2 community and we turned the last page in our Planetside 2 chapter.

During our Planetside 2 peak we also added another supported game to our library, this was a big step for us as we had originally only set out to create a Planetside 2 PS4 community, however we were able to see the big opportunity with branching out to other games and after over a week of discussions between admins and core members we decided to support Elder Scrolls online. This is where we truly peaked as an online community we boasted a member count of around 2000 users with around 200-300 of those being active constantly and another 100-200 being irregular users. This was a challenge for our fairly small admin team trying to keep drama to a minimum whilst also keeping groups intact. Support for ESO lasted until around summer of 2016, the constant drama and infighting of the ESO side of our community had become to much to handle with too few people playing anymore the decision was taking to close up shop on ESO.

That left us in a position with no supported games and a user base that had shrunk to around 100-140 active members, as the months ticked by those numbers got smaller. Which in retrospect was perhaps a good thing and allowed admins to be more involved with a smaller and more tight knit community. However, just on the horizon was the emerging Battlefield 1. This was a game that had all of us interested, as big fans of the Battlefield series we were very excited to see a battlefield game set during World War 1. We also saw this as an opportunity to grow our member base again. The first few months of BF1’s release really boosted our numbers and a lot of people who joined during that time would later become core members of our community. We had a lot of good nights playing BF1 but unfortunately BF1 didn’t have the staying power that previous iterations of the franchise did. After 4-5 months it was clear to a lot of users BF1 had shown all it’s tricks and left a lot to be desired. Support for BF1 continued for a further 2 months until mid summer of 2017 when we stopped support for Battlefield 1.

At the present time we sit at around 20-30 active members in the community with about another 20 irregular users who will probably magically show up for Red Dead 2. We are all waiting for the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 is once again an opportunity for us to grow and we believe it’ll put us back to our Planetside 2 peak which is an exciting yet daunting feeling.

Whilst we’ve done a lot in our relatively short time as an online community we hope to continue on with our goal of not taking things too seriously and just having fun playing video games with other fun people. This community wouldn’t be what it is today without our core members and we hope to bring more people in with RDR2. 2018 looks to be a promising year for The Swarm and everyone is onboard and ready for the future. We hope you’ll stick around and we hope we see you on the forums and in our discord.

Upon joining this community you probably wonder how can you get involved and become apart of something many of us consider our online home. This post serves to help you get involved with our family, The Swarm!

First you obviously need to register on the forums fill out your form. Once you click register you are automatically forwarded to your app form! From there we will welcome you aboard and get you added to the roster. If you can not find the app form here it is

After Registering- Head over to to view our rosters. Click any game you play and click [add] to add yourself to that roster. This roster is still in beta with new features launching soon. If you see a game you play not on the list let us know and we will get it added!

After that.....

Quality over Quantity
Quality over quantity. We are looking for people who want to be apart of our community. (18 and Older) That means using discord. Discord is a must but forum activity not so much. We just require you register on the forums and put yourself on the roster. Why? So we can track users and such. If you jump with both feet forward you will quickly realize what a great community we are and what we have to offer. Everyday new/old members hop into discord looking to play game(s). Those members requested people to game with. We are looking to grow our community and we want people who want to be here for a long time!

Join Discord
Discord is a free voice and chat application for PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile that keeps our members connected.
- Download discord on mobile app stores or at
- Register your username (account is sync'd on all platforms (Mobile, PC, ETC)
- Join Any issues let us know
- You will then always automatically join our discord room! :)
- Rooms are used for staying connected to the community. So feel free to chat away!

Discord Rules
  • Keep the NSFW / NSFL content in the approiate channels.
  • Don't spam or self-promote.
  • No hate speech is welcome here.
  • If you have any questions, please feel to ping any of the admins.
  • No illegal content is to be posted.
  • Make fun of mac.
  • Follow the Discord ToS.
  • If someone breaks a rule or Discord ToS page @High Council

Join our PSN Communities
- The-Swarm.NET
- The Swarm: Red Dead

Join our Steam Group

- Some of our members are always active on only discord. Some are active only on the forums. Some both! So take part and help us to continue to grow and see why we have been gaming together in some form together for over two years. If you ever have suggestions, feedback, concerns or idea's for new features feel free to let us know. As you can see our forums are a very powerful tool with a load of features. And they are no where near competition yet! We have a lot of custom add-ons coming soon.

Update Forum and Contact[PSN, Steam, ETC] Info
Your PSN / Steam / Origin id is auto-populated to one of our roster sections so users can quickly add other Swarm members. Updating this and other info is great. So spend some time doing this and playing around with other forum features.

Add Roster/Friends! go to the game you play and add everyone from the psn id field. If your ID does not show up please enter it at account details

Change Your Username

If you ever need to reach someone higher up you can message:


The Swarm - GET BUZZED!

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Social Media - Please like and follow!
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Updated with some info. Right now some social media websites are idle and just placeholders. They will amp up when our podcasting gets better and we start advertising those
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