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So for father's day my kids (my wife) got me my first beer brew kit. One of those Brooklyn Brew Shop kits. Makes 1 gallon, and she got my the everyday pale ale. I started last weekend, and it is currently doing it thing in the 1 gallon bottle right now. Will have to see how it turns out in a couple of weeks.

What was nice is that i was at the time starting to think of getting into brewing my own, thou hopefully at some point on a larger scale than 1 gallon at a time. Does anyone have any pointers for a complete novice in Canada to brew your own?

Url below of the company for the kit i got.


Good luck to you man! My step dad does some brewing in Michigan, he has a pretty bitchin' setup and mostly brews dead guy ales. The more work you put into the more you will get out of it, but it can get expensive from what I can tell. One thing he does to make it easier though, is I think he actually brews using food grade bags (not sure the gallon size) that way he can cut out some of the cleaning which from what I hear is half the battle. Cleaning all the time.

Hope it works well for you man!


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So today i cracked open the first bottle of my first home brew. It is an everyday IPA from Brooklyn Brew. 2 weeks fermenting, and two weeks in the bottles. I was worried at first that there would be no carbonation, but when i opened the bottle it had a nice POP. Has a nice taste, not to bitter, smells good to. (sorry for the links, I can't seem to get the files to upload to the swarm forums, and can only get the photo's to open in another link.

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If you upload to imgur and then paste the link itll work. The new forums itll be 100x easier. Sorry for the pain, not much I can do now. I can fix it with some effort and an add-on but I'm like 2 weeks from switching to the new platform lol.

Anyways wait until you get bottle bombers! WOO!