Divinity Original Sin II and Co-Op Party

Discussion in 'PC Gaming Communities' started by KhronosKhronic, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Sup people

    So Divinity Original Sin II comes out of EA this Thursday Sept. 14th, and will add in more than 100+ more skills to play with, access to Acts 2 & 3 that make up about 75% of the campaign, and additional quests across the already accessible Act 1 of the campaign. To top it all off they have put in a ton of work on a campaign creator similar to Neverwinter Nights, if you're old enough to remember that haha, that should result in a literal shitload of new custom content and campaigns after release.

    It definitely falls into the more hardcore crpg genre with some brutal difficulty across the board even in normal mode, but it also sports one of the most open-ended and unique combat systems I've seen in a long time. I'm hopefully this will become the definitive game that gets as close to tabletop DnD with its complexity and breadth of options. I've linked some combat footage below.

    It also supports 4-player drop in and out Co-Op across the entire game. I've already purchased it along with Snowsiff and I am definitely looking for a few more at least for a full 4 player party campaign.

    If you pick it up before Thursday's price jump you can get it $45 as well. If you are not a PC player they will also be releasing a PS4 version as well, but I doubt the campaign creator will make its way over to consoles.

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    Sign me up! I just bought the game! I really enjoyed the first Divinity game and this one looks even better. Would be super fun to get a group of 4 to play together.
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    I guess i should really finish the first one....I winder if my PC can even run it, i should go check. I can run minimun but not recommneded....damn i need to get a new GPU. Still running a GTX560
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    I really want to give GM Mode a shot @KhronosKhronic & @BlasterMaster if you guys start anything let me know, I love stuff like that I DL'd the editor thingy.

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