Discord Update 2/15/18


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It’s Thyme Four Updates
  • Weave added a spell checker two Discord sew you can no when you’ve spelt things wrong.
  • You can now turn off the spell checker because we know you were going to ask anyway.
  • Backup SMS Authentication now available for two-factor authentication. We heard you like backups, so we built some backups for your backups. Set it up on your account settings screen.
  • Play video files directly in Discord instead of not Discord. Audio soon! This feature was requested by you guys!
  • GIFs will now autoplay when Discord is focused so you can watch a car launch into space without hovering over it with your mouse. 2018, man.
  • You can now turn off GIF autoplay because you’re so freaking predictable. Mix up your game ;).
  • Uploads can now be cancelled in case you didn’t mean to send that fan art to your mom.
  • Added the Verified Server icon to Android and iOS because it should be there.
  • Android now has a quick switcher! Double tap the back button to pull it up and move around Discord chats at ludicrous speeds.
  • Overlay should no longer cause lockups or issues on League of Legends or Overwatch.
Out of all of this shit the amount of time it took for them to put a spell checker in is truly amazing haha Simultaneously the best and worst social application ever.