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I'm looking to see if anyone would like to test using a new chat system that is not IRC. I'm landing on discord as its simple and has voice. A few users use it now when they game. Its on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Our IRC server is expiring soon and don't feel like paying $xyz/month to host an IRC server. Some users have become frustrated at the difficulty so this should solve that.

You do not have to download anything if you don't want to! They have a web browser version, http://discord.me/swrm Joining this means you'll automatically join on Mobile and the PC App everytime. No annoying commands :)

- Download Discord on PC, Mac, Android, iOS and soon Linux

  • Register your username

  • Open App

  • Click the "+" as shown on the arrow after you are logged in, registered.

  • A screen will pop up, click "Join Server"

http://discord.me/swrm should work now, so copy paste that to join. If you click it, it'll work easier sometimes.

  • Done! You can now use discord on PC and Mobile with the same username. There are text channels (just like irc) and Voice Channels if you want to game with other users. No annoying ports, no annoying /msg nickserv stuff, etc.

Streamer Mode: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/218485407-Streamer-Mode-101

If the invite link expires let me know. It's supposed to never expire but you know, it does
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