BF1 Competitive scene so far...

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Hello everyone. Deedz here. Most of you have probably played with me and some others maybe not. Just hit me up on ps4 and I am up for playing whenever.

I would like to go over the general plan for The Swarm playing in a competitive scene.

Currently I have been talking with Ender of He has viewed our website and would love to have us on board for their newest addition of battlefield one.

If you would like to view this for yourself you can go to and check out what is yet to come. I have watched previous videos of live gameplay held by t1 and it looks really really well planned out so all of those who are skeptical of it being a shit show, well i hate to dissappoint but it seems you will be wrong.

Everyone is currently awaiting the rollout of the new server program with March's DLC release.

There are a few things I am currently working on.
1. A basic set of rules that will need to be fullfilled in order to participate. This will more than likely include being an active member of the swarm. Attending practice in order to play in a match. Being respectful of everyone but petedawg (this includes other clans as well). Having discord or being able to use some type of 3rd party chat if needed for practice as well as possibly in match. Other things of this nature might make the list and please stay tuned for a sticky.

2. I am trying to work with Dakirch in order to have the Competitive BF1 area be its own seperate area on the forums in which I can obtain admin rights in order to sticky important information such as a sign up sheet. Practice participation headcounts. match history. and anything else we see fit to be made available such as rules for the tournament.

3. We are working on some type of sign up sheet that can work almost like a survey in the forums area.

4. We will be looking for platoon leaders that will manage two 8 man squads as well as other players to fill the squads. We will be changing out leaders and squad players in order to make the playing field a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. One week you could be helping as a medic in a breakthrough squad and the next you could be running a platoon as you set up plan and implament a bomber run team. Everyone enjoys playing different positions at different times and in no way do I want this to be a "you always have to play this role whether you like it or not" type of thing.

5. I am looking for anyone willing to help me work on and organize this above information as it is going to be a lot of work managing the 240 people we currently have in the swarm ps4 community if all should want to participate.

6. I am working with t1 on figuring out the logistics so please keep an open mind. Gametypes will vary and so will match times.

7. I would like to take a headcount first and foremost and then have some type of discussion about practice times. Currently my idea is for practice to be held at least twice a week in order to give everyone a chance to participate on different schedules. Also the private server will be left open to anyone who might want to practice on thier own or with a few friends when no one else is around.

8. Above all else this should not be taken too seriously. The goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable time while attempting to take the game to the next level. If you have an idea please voice it. We want to hear what you have to say. If you have a strategy to try out. Lets try it out.

9. I will be making more posts and stickys to rules, rosters, links, and other stuff as I work with Dakirch and Petedawg getting this into motion.

If you have any questions, want to talk to me about this further, or feel like you can help in any way at all then please PM me on here or on PS4.

Thanks Again
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Sorry ahead of time for any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and any repetative information. I am trying to work on this while working full time and going to school full time. Again if you feel like helping me out it would be greatly appreciated.
I have a question about the rules: Do we have to be specifically disrespectful to Petedawg or can we be ambivalent towards him?