Appalachian mountain 2 week hike


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Looking to see if anyone may be interested in tagging along for a 2 week hike up the Appalachian sometime Spring 2017. It'll be me and my brother in law so far. We are going plan it pretty well where we set where we stop and what we do. So some stops we will go into a town, refuel, resupply and perhaps stay at a motel. Some stops we may set up camp there. Also may look into getting a tour guide.

Not sure of the starting point but it would be closer to Florida and go up north


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2 week hike = dead

Longest hike i've done was up Half Dome in Yosemite with only a pair of slip-on flat foot shoes...wasn't the best experience.


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I am absolutely down! I am only a couple of hours from the base of the foothills and have been itching to go hiking. Definitely couldn't tag along the entire time but would love to do a weekend, or camp out with y'all for a day or two and do some small hikes around a certain area.

There is some amazing camping in North Georgia by Brasstown Bald, which is close to the base of the mountains, highest point in Georgia. It is near Mountain City, GA and Franklin NC.

Tallulah Gorge and Falls is up that way and it is an amazing day journey.

If I were to hike with y'all for a couple days, I would just have to figure out logistics with dropping my car off at my exit point

Seriously let me know more info while you guys are planning it.