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I done fucked up and I would like to actually apologise for my behavior I needed a good beer a few bong hits then I cleaned a gun and realized I had wronged everyone on here. I'm sorry I would like to ask forgiveness and as for the reason it's down here I'm hopeful it's missed by the majority of people who weren't involved. As for cartboy he actually will be getting a personal apology. Hope to see you in game and more on here



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No hard feelings here. We're just here to play video games, have fun and do whatever it is we do that results in fun. We try not to take that too serious and we try to keep The Swarm as non-toxic as possible. No one here will ever have an issue if you play other video game(s) that we do not support with other people. We're not here to try and ruin someones fun or be a nazi-state. Never our way of thinking and never will be. Sometimes emotions and passion can get the best of people. No sense for us to keep this topic going on though. See you for Battlefield 1 beta!


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What Kirch said.

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