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Looking for iOS app? GO HERE! This is for android app silly :)

(or search for The Swarm Turnkey) because searching for The Swarm brings up a lot of results.

iOS will be live in a few more weeks.

The mobile app is not published by us. It uses a bubble wrap so it'll display the forums within the app but allow push notifications for those that want them. Ultimately we have a very mobile friendly website already so this works great. There is another mobile app being developed but will not be live for a few months.

  • Market: Android
  • Search Term: The Swarm Forums
  • Search Term #2: The Swarm Turnkey (company who develops the app)
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Using the app now and gotta say I'm loving it. My forum activity will definitely increase since this is so well layed out and easy to use \(°^°)/


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Got the app installed. Pretty cool. It's a bit tough to find. I don't know how the search portion of the play store works, but in the search box did not bring it up.