Activision wins patent that uses matchmaking to make you want to buy stuff


Wow. That is disgusting. Confirmed. Activision is dead to me.
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This ones a big sticking point for me mainly because it undermines the competition of the game. Having a good MMR system is paramount for game with competitive multi. I'm sure this would lead to more games having a ranked mode since killing the MMR totally is a great way to tank the entire game population and sales, but casual games would just be a fucking mess and would basically force people into ranked or just suffer getting beat on by better players.

Imagine if they put this in a mmo even. Nobody high level is going to want to be tossed into a lowbie dungeon for this and for lowbies just standing there while a high level player one shots shit is just not fun.

This is squarely a money making move and just detrimental to fair play all around.


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No way... thats insane. this direction is seriously so damaging. i know tell you something you dont know. just sometimes cant believe how far its going.