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Launching in roughly 1 - 2 weeks (demo is almost done internally) we will be changing things around, upgrading to a more modern version of our forum software and making some changes how things operate within the Swarm. Forums, Discord and Such. This is going to be another positive change and will fit nicely with our goal when RDR2 comes out. We are not seeking 400 new members, we are seeking quality members even if it means we find 20 new members. As we slowly get closer to another re-re-re-launch of Swarm let me know any thoughts or ideas you have in regards to how things operate. It could even be something as simple as raffle ideas.

But going forward we have come to realize discord is always going to be a lot more used than the forums. So we have ideas how to slightly spark forum use but never getting rid of the simple fact.....discord is going be used more often.