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    Most annoying things you'll encounter in a game

    What's some of the most annoying things you've come across in your time with battlefield 1? For me it has to be watching as the distance between me and the nearest medic goes from 5-7m to 20m
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    Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

    Hey there fellow swarmers, I'm sure a few of you are aware by now of how big a fan I am of this series and their developers, and I wanted to ask you guys, would you be interested in us expanding a multiplayer community into Bannerlord? We'll coordinate with other communities to start up some...
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    Mount and Blade

    I was curious as to how many of you guys have tried this game out either on console or PC, (yes it is on console if you didn't know). Truly a fantastic game with great developers and a kickass sequel hopefully coming to console soon,
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    Easily the most awkward and annoying situation I've been involved with, many of our ESO veterans remember when a certain user decided it would be a good idea to scream into his mic along with his friend causing trouble in the main guild chat, and then later making a controversial post that may...
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    September 1st

    Good job everyone! This is one of our first victories in a while as far as alerts go!
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    Empire master race, rebels can suck the fat one
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    July 11th PVP event discussion

    Great night of PVP, after several pushes by our small band of 19 lowly-somewhat highly ranked band of misfits we successfully broke a much larger daggerfall force and racked up a ton of points, gotta say, very proud of our teamwork tonight, we proved that bigger isn't always better against...
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    7/2 Pvp discussion

    What can I say guys? The emperor deffinently made his mark on us, and it's noones fault, we really had no defense whatsoever against him. Other than thatt, great night, other than some communication failures and games glitching out we didn't do too bad , we at least killed a ton of enemies.
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    Weapon thread

    This thread will be used to post and discuss weaponry of any kind. Any weapon will do. Guns, knives, vehicles, swords, and if you're a weaboo, Katanas. No NSA allowed.
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    The werewolf population just skyrocketed

    At around 11 pm CST somewhere between 6-10 swarm members became werewolves, expect bites soon!
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    PVP = great gear

    Hi there everyone, Manbearpig here with a PSA about PVP. I'm here to tell you that PVP can be a very enjoyable way of getting great gear, some people on here don't like doing things without a group and that's very understandable, but PVP doesn't require a group in order to do well, it's well...
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    Requesting sorcerer build!

    Need a good sorcer build? This is the thread for that, post sorcerer builds here.
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    Banned from IRC

    Apparently I was using a bot of some description and IRC decided to ban me, pls send help.
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    AirMech Arena

    How many of you have played this little gem which poped up on the PSN store outta nowhere? It's a RTS that was free for Playstation Plus users and I've gotta say, Its quite enjoyable.
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    Manbearpigs animal killing thread

    Hey there fellow killers of nature, I'm really interested to see what kind of hunting if any you guys do, living in the boonies of Tennessee you learn to hunt anything that moves, I'm generally a small game type of guy because it's a little more sport than shooting an animal that's standing...
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    Happy Easter Swarm

    Hope you all have a great day swarm!
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    Fight night/ April 4

    Looks like the space commies and the gypsies wanna get together at Amerish tonight, let's get in there and show them the power of space America.
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    War Thunder

    How many of you guys play this great game? And if you play it, what tanks do you run with? I'm currently running german with the Tiger 1 and the Panther D
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    I'm curious as to how many of you guys own firearms and what firearms you own, and what kind you wanna get your hands on. I'm working on getting a couple of WW2 weapons like an M1 garand or carbine, hopefully even a Kar98k.
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    1/2 man 1/2 bear 1/2 pig

    Hey everyone, manbearpig here. I'm a Tennessean with a hatred for purple spandex and communists. Southern born and raised, owner of many firearms, and a football playing machine. I've been around video games since I was a kid starting with a PS2 and Star Wars battlefront 1 (probably the greatest...