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    [POLL] Will you be getting RDR2 and/or Fallout 76?

    RDR2 of course on PS4 and then probably for PC once it comes out. 76 I'll wait and see how many of you guys get it. I plan on getting a PRO once Spiderman is out so I'll probably pick it up for PS4 if I do get it.
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    Feb Raffle - Red Dead 2! Winner!

    Hmm the mod wins the prize? Seems suspicious...
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    Hunt Showdown

    I've been watching their discord, and the devs seem to be on top of fixing things. Seems they were having issues with the launch of EA and joining friends, but looking at their discord they took care of it in like a day. Looks promising though and hopefully they'll keep it going.
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    Corsair VOIDs

    Anyone want to buy a pair of Corsair VOID headphones (wireless)? I've got a pair that I just don't really like. Nothing wrong with the headset at all it's basically like new, it just doesn't give me the sound I'm looking for and so they've been sitting in my desk for awhile now. There's a newer...
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    Hunt Showdown Just went into early access and looks cool. For $30 I might pick it up if some other people do, or if I hear more good things about it.
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    Ready Player One

    Host stream it...make it a MST3K swarm night
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    Sea of Thieves

    I'll probably be gettin it matey
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    Disney Might Take Star Wars License Away from Electronic Arts

    A large open world star wars IP would be cool with some co-op
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    The Swarm Movie Club 1 Feb 6th - Feb 16th

    I recommend The Cloverfield Paradox next
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    And I have not seen you pinging anyone besides Husky to play. I don't want to play it solo with random squads which is why you don't see me playing it.
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    Maybe if you guys ever asked, instead of just pulling random people into the server first
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    Street Team Raffle - New Rules

    Found it... I don't have that sidebar though
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    Street Team Raffle - New Rules

    Where is this....raffle button
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    Monster Hunter: World Group?

    Been playing it all weekend